Unable to delete legacy perspectives + unable to save view settings

I have a couple of perspectives left over from OF 1 or 2 which I am unable to delete. I have tried tricking the system by repeatedly upgrading & downgrading the perspectives.

Is there a particular location on my Mac where the perspectives are saved so that I could maybe manually delete them?

Also, I am unable to save view settings on my perspectives. I have no save button. Where the save button is located in Kourosh Dini’s book, I just have the button to downgrade perspectives. This is tiresome, as my Today perspective keeps appearing with sidebar and info pane.

Thanks guys!

There are some built in perspectives which you cannot delete, but if you unstar them they will no longer appear in the sidebar. You can tell which ones these are as on the Mac, in Perspectives > Show Perspectives, under the settings cog (bottom left) you will see “Revert to Default Settings” - those cannot be deleted.

In the Perspectives window, there is no save button, any changes are immediately applied.

If you are viewing a perspective in the main OF window, you can click on the ‘View’ button in the toolbar to access all its settings. There, there are ‘save’ and ‘revert’ buttons. This can be useful to make a temporary change while you are viewing the perspective and revert it back.

Thanks for the info! But that means it is as I feared. I define a perspective to be without sidebar and info pane and resize it. However if I then invoke it by keyboard shortcut or double-click in the perspectives window, the new window replicates the size and sidebar etc preferences from the main window. Oh well…

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