Unable to drag to Note field (2.0.2 r. 212379 and several earlier)

Sometime in the last few days or so (I think), I lost the ability to drag anything into the Note field. Initially I thought it was because I was running in Compact mode (nope, not it).

I’m running 2.0.2 r. 212379 now; anyone else seeing this? I’ll file a bug in the mean time.

Update: Upon further testing, this appears to be the same limitation we’ve had with Mail for a long time: the inability to drag a message if it’s being displayed as part of a “Conversation” (“View > Organize by Conversation”).

It’s unclear if this is a Mail issue or an Omnifocus issue.

Certainly an interesting issue! Thanks for bringing it up. I’m able to drag both regular text (from TextEdit) and a file (from my Desktop) into a task’s note field; can you drag things in from sources other than Mail?

Thanks a lot for doing this! As always, email is the best way to make sure we know about these kinds of problems; you’re a step ahead of the game.

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