Unable to recreate perspectives

In the old version of Omnifocus, I had perspectives that showed certain contexts. Items within these contexts were grouped and sorted by start times and set to display available items.

What was shown to me were three main groupings: Start any time (which I kept minimized); Then, assuming I had incomplete items “Started in the last month”, then “Started in the last week”, then … yesterday, up to Started Today and nothing beyond.

When I try to replicate these settings in Omnifocus 2, I seem to get a view of everything. I’m very confused and am hoping I’m just overlooking something obvious, because I like the new design of OF2.

I have a similar issue. My OF1 perspectives (that include multiple contexts) have dropped all but one context in OF2. No matter what I try, the perspectives window will not respond to the ‘add current sidebar selection’ when I attempt to add back the other contexts. Any ideas?

I’m having the same issue you are, ljborg. I wasn’t having it yesterday. It seems to have arisen with the new version of the demo.

I have this issue as well. I’ve logged a bug report about it.