Unable to see Action List under Context

I have a project folder called Achievement Diaries, with 3 action list, which all have the same tag as Game:Runescape:Achievement Diaries. But when I try to view the 3 action lists via Contexts menu, after I choose the context there is no available item shown, even though it says there are 3 items. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


You‘re running OmniFocus 2, correct?
Then this needs to be answered by someone who still has that version…

From what I still remember this happens when the „eye icon“ is set to e,g, „available“ and all your actions are e.g. done. Try setting this icon to „all“.
Second guess: you might be looking at a context perspective (with the filter being set to e.g. „available“) and not at the tree of contexts itself.
Check both and tell us what you observe.

The three items being reported there are your single action lists because they have been assigned to that context. The reason they don’t appear is because they’re not actionable; you can’t tick them off as complete.

By comparison, a sequential or parallel project would appear here (if you’ve enabled the setting in preferences).

The item count could be a bit misleading, but it is technically accurate.


That solved my misunderstanding, thanks a lot.