Unavailable Actions in Grey is not distinctive enough from black

I realise that OF2 is now locked in terms of appearance for its release, but wanted to note this as an issue anyway.

I find that the grey used for unavailable actions is not sufficiently different from the black used to denote available actions.

This was never a problem for me in OF1, but now I am always unsure as to whether I am looking at an action that is truly actionable, and so have to keep checking dates, or the perspective settings, etc.

Can the contrast be adjusted on this? Or maybe I need to wait for styles to be reintroduced?


In my OmniFocus 1 theme, I tended to prefer using colored backgrounds. I’d have a gray background for unavailable actions, a very light red background for overdue items, a light yellow or orange background for due soon items. Using a colored background help me distinguish the status of each task. The colored text might not be enough for some users who can’t really see the colors that well.

Does anyone else have any ideas that they can share to alleviate the “lighter” theme in OF2? Now would be a good time to brainstorm and send feedback for consideration for OmniFocus 2.1.

I can see some folks who are in the “don’t care of the iOS 7 theme” and there are some who still want to retain the older look. I personally liked OmniFocus for iPad interface where the different groups are in separate tiles. There was a dark background that helped to differentiate the different tiles and provide better separation between the groupings.

Here is a sample from www.smokingapples.com


I tend to think that all the white in OF2 tends to wash the text out. It makes the already light text harder to see. What does everyone else think?

I am a massive fan of the iPad design. If OF2 for Mac looked like that, I would be very happy.