Unique contexts in the sidebar like perspectives

Would love to create some perspectives view for unique contexts.
My perspective “phone” should be list all my tasks tagged with context “phone”, done by a “perspective button” in the sidebar.

Hope my question is written clearly?! :-)

Any trick for me?

I did the same to see all things I can do while I’m on the road, my perspective is called “outdoors”, which is also the name for the corresponding mother context.

Please see screenshot attached:
The key is to choose “Don’t use project hierarchy” in order to see contexts. Then in the context list of your OmniFocus main window click on the context (in my example “outdoors”, in your case “phone”) to select this context. Then at the bottom of the perspective window add the selected context by choosing “add current sidebar selection”.

That’s it. All other options in the perspective (“presentation” and “filtering”) are up to you.

I don’t know if there is a more elegant way to this, but anyway, it works.

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I think the OP wants a perspective that filters tags in the note field. In OF 1, the approach I took was to set up the exact view that I wanted, including filters. I then saved that view as a Perspective. I can’t say whether this can be done with searches in notes for tags, and I can’t say that OF 2 is not crippled against doing this method.

Saved perspectives developed this way do not translate to any of the iX devices.

Bernd, thank you for your advice. Perfect solution. The “Sidebar Selection” was just a step I did not do in any way. All works fine now.

DrJJWMac, thanks also for your kind advice. That was they way I did in OF1 also.