Uniting shapes but keeping inner lines


I am trying to create a simple document shape, basically a rectangle with a corner folded over. When I use union i loose the inner lines of the triangle. Is there a way of merging two or more shapes together, but not loose the inner lines. I know I could group them together but that isnt as elegant as creating a single shape.


If you look in shapes, there is a shape called “Note” that may be close enough to what you want that you can draw it and use point editing to tweak it. I’d also do a quick search of stencils in stenciltown to see if you can find a stencil with a shape you can use if the note shape isn’t close enough.

Basically, you can’t get a drawing of any substance or depth out of a drawing tool, any drawing tool, until you are familiar with grouped objects.

Grouped Shapes (and lines, and text …) is nothing to be scared of.

Here is a bit of a demonstration using the Note Shape as an example.

  1. The standard Note Shape (comes with OG). Nothing wrong with it, but it is limited. It is fine for:
  • the original proportions (notice the distorted corner when standard - or golden - proportions are used),

  • for solid colours,

  • and of course it is 2D.

  1. But solid colours are too bright for most drawings (we want to articulate the point being communicated, not the colours), we need opacity.
  • When that is set (50% blue here) the blue is lost: in this instance yellow plus blue shows up as green.

  • We do want Shapes that we can lay on top of a background colour, or not, without having to fiddle and create a custom grouped shape each time.

  1. Here is a Note that has:
  • no distortion, regardless of the size that it is changed to

  • allows opacity without regard to the background (we do want to change the opacity without having to fiddle)

  • and has a simple 3D effect.

That is worth sticking in a Stencil. I have a few on GraffleTopia.


Thanks for that. I appreciate your response.

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