Universal iPad App coming? [Here now!]

Great news - thank you.


If you want to see a sneak peek of some of the new features, the online manual has been updated here


You will se discussions about being able to change the Homemscreen, the new Today extension (with the ability to choose a perspective of your choosing), and a few other features.

Wonderful - especially Today Extension.

Now - waiting has just become harder :-)

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It has been released. (If you don’t see the update yet, please be patient as it trickles out to App Store servers worldwide.)


Downloaded the update to my iPad as it showed up as an update. So far the only one that shows up on the iPhone app store in the old version. Hmmm… Anyone else seen the universal one show up for their iPhone?

My case, I only own the Mac and iPad versions, and was waiting for the universal.

@temtexdent The iPad app has become the universal app. So it should start showing up as an available update for your iPhone as well.

Downloaded the app and installed it on my iPad and iPhone :)

OK. I’ll keep watch. The iPad app updated quickly. The iPhone app in the store only shows the iPhone only app (since I only own the iPad app.).


So you go to the App Store on your iPhone and type in OmniFocus and only see the iPhone app?

That would be correct.

OK. I can get to it by tapping the the Omni Group and then it gives me a list that includes the app.

What is the upgrade path for those with the iPhone version?

See Ken’s blog post: https://www.omnigroup.com/blog/omnifocus-universal-available

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Quoting from that blog post:

For those who never purchased the iPad app, we’ve come up with several ways to reduce the cost of the app for those who’ve already purchased OmniFocus on iPhone (but as usual, we can’t do discounting that includes Mac editions of the app):

  • We’ve created the OmniFocus Bundle(Not Yet Available), allowing customers who already own OmniFocus 2 for iPhone to get the Universal app for the difference in cost between the two.
  • Customers who already own OmniFocus 1 for iPhone or OmniFocus 1 for iPad can get the Pro In-App Purchase for free.
  • Customers who bought both OmniFocus 2 for iPhone and OmniFocus 2 for iPad are also eligible for a $10 rebate, reducing their cost ($20 + $30) to the current price of the Universal app ($40).

If you’re not sure you need to move from OmniFocus for iPhone yet, that’s okay; we’ll be continuing to update that app to make sure it stays current (first up: Landscape Mode in version 2.5).

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Yes, same for me. Searching for OmniFocus only shows the iPhone app.

When I tapped on the iPhone version and then tapped on Omni Group, it showed the new universal app there.

Stoked to see this in the App Store–I’d been checking most of the day, when I had a chance!

The universal app is and will continue to be more feature-rich than the iPhone-only version, yes, @lizard? So there’s really no reason to keep the iPhone app on my phone with the universal app now installed?

Right. Once you install the “universal” version, you can remove the iPhone version. It’s a strict superset.

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I would just like to note that I much prefer the old app icon with the white checkmark. The black checkmark on the iPad, universal and Mac versions just doesn’t look as good to me.

I know, this has nothing to do with functionality at all so it’s completely inconsequential. But I do think the white looks better on my home screen and in the app store!


I agree. I prefer the white checkmark.

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Thanks for getting this out. Found it fine when I searched your company’s apps. I guess I was more concern about whatever Apple Store algorithm had the iPhone app still coming up first but the universal not as easy to find.

It’s working great for me, by the way.