Updating calendar from omniplan without duplicate events


New to the forums and first post, thank you in advance for your time.

I am looking to use omniplan to keep track of my responsibilities at work, but need to convert to calendar so I can share with other people.

I am thinking about the following workflow to make this work:

  1. Use omniplan for planning
  2. Export to ics file periodically to import into calendar

I am limited to just using this method, and I am trying to figure out how to avoid duplicate calendar items every time I import. Any suggestions? Is it possible to filter omniplan to only show tasks that have been updated so I can just export those?

Appreciate any help anyone can offer?

@Stebbins OmniPlan Pro for Mac actually offers built-in support for continuously publishing OmniPlan tasks to a calendar. Information about configuring OmniPlan publishing actions is available in this section of the OmniPlan manual (you’ll probably want to set up a "sync tasks to/from iCal events " publishing action): https://support.omnigroup.com/documentation/omniplan/mac/3.6/en/collaboration-and-multi-project-review-pro/#publishingsubscribingandchangetracking

If you’re not running OmniPlan for Mac already, I’d recommend installing the two week free trial so that you can give this workflow a shot!