Updating release notes for betas

I am testing out some of the betas of 7.12.2 and keep checking for new updates. I see another two different builds dropped yesterday (Jan 21) but there have been no updates on the release notes since Jan 10.

Would it be possible for those notes be updated more frequently so we know what issues are being improved/tested in each release?

Thank you.

The test release notes are updated when we’re able and there are things worth noting. Our test builds are built automatically multiple times a day and any change to source files will result in a new build being available. We do not anticpate any changes in functionality due to yesterday’s changes for users of these test builds. One change was specifically for the Mac App Store Enterprise version.

Okay. Fair enough. I wasn’t sure if there was a target for each build or they were just incrimental releases to incorporate small changes.

Thank you for the clarification