Upgrade OF2 perspectives?

I had a bunch of custom perspectives in OF2, and since I’m only getting to OF3 now (I know, I’m slow), I am looking at these perspectives and they are “OF2 style”, without all the options of the new OF3 perspectives.

Is there any way to “upgrade” these old perspectives to take advantage of some of the new options? Or do I have to start from scratch to recreate the basic functionality?


Yes, in the Perspectives window, there should be an ‘Upgrade’ button in the settings of OF2 perspectives

I don’t see an upgrade button. Here’s a screen shot of one of my old perspectives.

Try looking under Perspectives -> Show Perspectives. It doesn’t look like the panel you get when you click the Eye icon contains the upgrade option.

Yes! That’s where it’s hiding. Thanks. I didn’t think to look there because the Downgrade option DOES show up when you click on the Eye icon.

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