Upgrade to Pro version - deleted OF 1.6 before installin OF2

Hello guys,

i have deleted OF 1.6 from my iPad and then installed OF 2. Only then I found that I was eleigible for Pro upgrade.
Any way how to get upgrade and not pay? I just upgraded to iOS8 and do not have backup . Too quick to jump on new OF2.

Thank you for help.


instructions here:


[quote]Open the App Store app directly on your iPad, then tap the Purchased icon at the bottom of the screen. If you scroll through the list of apps you’ve previously purchased —and if you’ve purchased OmniFocus 1 before—you will find OmniFocus for iPad (Version 1.6.5) in that list. Tap the iCloud icon to reinstall the app on your device.

After reinstalling OmniFocus 1.6, close and reopen the Purchase Pro Upgrade window to retry the validation. When successful, we’ll tell you that you’re eligible and you can then tap the Buy option to proceed with the (free) purchase.[/quote]


Brilliant. Worked nicely. Thank you very much.


After which I presume it is completely fine to delete OF1 (and remove it from the sync clients database)?

Yes, after you’ve used OmniFocus 1 to upgrade to Pro in OmniFocus 2, you can remove OmniFocus 1 from your device and your sync client list.

In the future, now that you’ve purchased Pro, you can restore that purchase (say, on a new iPad, or after restoring your current iPad) using the Restore Purchases button in the same Pro sheet. If you find you need OmniFocus 1 again for any reason, you can always download it from the Purchased tab in the App Store once more.

Thanks for your continued support of OmniFocus!