URL-Scheme: Is this a bug? (solved with details)

Before posting a bug report I‘d like to present my grievances. Maybe I‘m stupid…

My tag structure is (simplified)

  • Home
  • Home > coming Home
  • Home > leaving Home

omnifocus:///tag/Home sends me to ‚coming home‘ instead of ‚Home‘ (plus the other two).

My project structure is (simplified)

  • Dienst
  • Dienst > BW

omnifocus:///projects/BW sends me to ‚Dienst‘ instead of ‚BW‘

To open a project directly, you should be able to use omnifocus:///task/BW. The omnifocus:///projects URL scheme only opens the Projects perspective. (N.B. You can open to a folder using omnifocus:///folder/Dienst if you’d like.)

@kcase wrote up some of the details after implementing it. He notes that the URLs use “SmartMatch” which could be interfering when you’re calling omnifocus:///tag/Home. When I try doing it on my machine, though, it seems to work as expected, so you may want to write in to omnifocus-ios@omnigroup.com for some help tracking down the issue.


That‘s it! Hadn‘t seen the post you quoted.

So that’s how I set it up now:

  1. give your folders / projects / tags unambiguous names (in my original example: rename Home to atHome)
  2. use ‚Launch Center Pro‘: jump to dozens of folders / projects / tags pretty instantaneously.
  3. In ‚Launch Center Pro‘ omnifocus:///tag/{{[prompt:Part of a Tag - will show first matching]}} opens a prompt, where you enter e.g. part of a person‘s name (I set up circa 100 colleagues as tags) and it will jump to the tag view of that person (more exact: to the first match).
    That works for folders and projects, too
  4. Quirk? Quit OF and restart. Seems to do some reorg and helped fix the issue of a jump going completely wrong twice. Needed to do it just one time each, after the very first wrong execution of a jump. For now.

To sum it up for everybody, there seem to be 20 URLs in the complete list of URLs, currently:

With smart match:

  • omnifocus:///folder/FOLDERNAME
  • omnifocus:///task/PROJECTNAME
  • omnifocus:///tag/TAGorTAGFOLDERNAME

For 17 other URLs, e.g. ‚Open Nearby‘, look at the outputs of the 17 available OF actions in the app ‚Launch Center Pro‘

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Update: I handed in a feature request to Launch Center Pro, for them to add the missing URL schemes. Cheers!

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