URL Scheme - Opening Perspectives

Recently, I’ve noticed that when I try opening perspectives in safari (omnifocus:///perspective/Hot), it would result in a “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid” message.

Using the same URL in Launchbar and Shortcuts doesn’t give me this error and I would be taken to the correct perspective.

Is this a bug?

Reason why I need this: I’m currently testing out the WidgetPack app and I’m trying to get an OmniFocus widget I’ve created to open to the correct perspective. However, the URL I’ve entered (mentioned above) doesn’t work outside of Shortcuts or Launchbar.

If someone else has gotten this to work, I would appreciate the help.

Just tested. I cannot replicate the issue you are describing on iPadOS.

Huh, it works now. I wonder what happened before…