URL Scheme to filter by perspective and tag

I’m updating my iOS workflows (now shortcuts) to work with tags and I’m trying to access a subset of the tasks by filtering by perspective AND tag. I’ve been trying with different URL schemes but so far no luck in making it work. As an example: omnifocus:///perspective/{perspective_name}/tag/{tag_name}

I guess it is not possible to combine in the URL both a perspective and a tag. Can someone confirm?


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I think the best you could get is to use omnifocus:///tag/{tag_name} but of course you’re outside of your custom perspective.

It would be a reasonable feature request, but I suspect implementing it and getting the UI right would be the bigger problem.

Interesting question, @jbreyc! You’re right — OmniFocus doesn’t currently allow you to navigate to an object within a perspective using a URL. The navigation URLs are limited to one type+identifier pair; in this case, you’d have to pick either /perspective/{name} or /tag/{name}, but unfortunately you can’t combine them.

If this is something that would be useful to you, please feel free to email it in. Thanks for using OmniFocus!

Suggestion sent! Thanks a lot for the quick answer :)

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