Use cases of OO and upgrade to Pro


I’ve just started OO 5 and wondering if there are any case-studies of use-cases of this application. At the moment, I’m just outlining a project and it’s proving to be extremely powerful (even more powerful than mind mapping). Wondering what other possibilities there are. I understand there’s a short video of high-level overview of use-cases; it’d be useful to see some examples.

Also, is it worth upgrading to OO 5 Pro? At this stage, I am just learning the basics of the application, like, keyboard shortcuts etc.


In the latest OO5 public beta you should be able to go to OmniOutliner > Free Trial Mode and select either ‘Try Pro Edition’ or ‘Try Essentials Edition’ to get a feel for the differences and decide whether you’d be better off with Pro. I like the scripting capabilities in Pro that make some things easier.

As for use cases I’ve seen some interesting ones after doing a search for ‘OmniOutliner’ on YouTube. OO can do lots of different things. OO5 with its filtering looks good to me.