Use Omni Sync Server?

Is Omni Sync Server still a “best practice” when keeping a couple of iOS devices in-sync with OmniFocus?

It seems like OmniPlan is now more oriented toward iCloud now, but it looks like Omni Sync Server is still good for OmniFocus…

Unless you want to host it yourself, yes, the Omni Sync Server is the best option. (And if you want to use OmniFocus for the Web, the Omni Sync Server is the only way to do that.)

(There are two reasons I can think of that people might choose to host the sync data themselves. One reason is that they’re not allowed to store data on other people’s servers—even when it’s end-to-end encrypted with keys that are only stored on their local devices, as is the case with OmniFocus sync data. The other reason is that they might find the network connection to our Seattle-hosted servers is too slow, and they’d rather store their data on a server that they can sync to more quickly.)

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