Use OO to draft documents?

I’m looking for a tool to draft long, image-rich documents that will eventually end up as presentations or word processing docs. I can’t figure out if OO is actually used for this and how. Does anyone use it this way, and can you tell me how?

I tried some time ago to paste images into an OO document and found that, unless cumbersome work-around procedures were followed, images broke the word export. And I’ve read that the keynote export doesn’t work unless you have a decade-old version of keynote.

My maybe-naive idea of an outlining tool is that it’s for organizing content that will eventually be turned into some other form. Is there a form that OO documents (with images) can be readily turned into? Or are folks mostly using OO for note-taking and organizing and other things that will stay within OO?

I’d especially appreciate any advice on a workflow for getting to an image-rich word doc.

This was my original plan for OO as well, but it just never works, for all the reasons you outline. It ends up being more hassle than it is worth.

So for now, I only use OO when I know that document is going to stay in OO.

I don’t use images so I can’t help in that regard but I do start documents in outliner and eventually export to either mind maps app or scrivener. The best way of doing this for me is to add the content of each outline row in it’s note. When I export as OPML it retains my outline in all the apps I use. I’ve written 10,000 word papers in this way and allows me to restructure and edit on the move on my iPad. Not sure whether this is useful for you.

How do you open the exported outline in Scrivener? Or even better, Pages?

You can open OPML directly in Scrivener (or maybe it’s import). The reason I suggest using the notes as content is that when imported into scrivener the notes will appear as text where you would expect. Not using notes will add all your content directly into the scrivener hierarchy which should only be used for labelling. Works for me. Don’t really use pages so don’t know how it handles OPMLs.