Usecases for 'Today shows items with this tag'?

I wonder how people are using this. I tried to make it work by adding a ‘today’ tag, but it just seems very finicky and not useful. The widget on the other hand has the ability to show any perspective which makes it a lot more powerful than just the tag.

It’d also be more helpful (in my opinion) to be able to show flagged items here instead.

Did anyone find a good usecase?

Feel similar. I have a separate perspective that shows Due and Flagged. I use Forecast for a quick review of what’s coming up as well as what’s on the calendar, then move on to the other perspective. For now, I’ve put my errands tag in as the forecast tag, just to highlight other things I could do that may not be shown in the Due and Flagged view.

I have to agree. I tried tagging with “today” but just became overkill because I’ve been already using defer dates to the point where my only available tasks were those that can be done today.

I too have a due and flagged view that I use. Forecast just acts as a quick summary of my day. I don’t work from it.

Bump. There must be a better usecase for this since the tag is also quick assignable with a swipe right on iOS

A number of thoughts about this are in this thread, which might help!