Using actual dates for perspectives

I am wanting to have a “Today” perspective includes tasks that are either flagged or due today. I could achieve this by making “due soon” set to “today”.

However, I also want a “this week” perspective which shows all tasks that must be done by end of week.

Is there a way to set a perspective which includes actual dates?

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Perhaps setting the filter to show “Remaining” and grouped by due date would work? Then you’d have to collapse everything that is more than 1 week but keep overdue, due today, and due 1 week expanded…

Hmmm. I think I might just create a “this week” tag for tasks that must be completed this week.

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As a general rule, I choose anywhere from 5-10 tasks that are must do this week. I’d apply the “this week” tag to just a small handful. Anything more than that is overwhelming for me. I already have enough office admin tasks and incoming daily requests that will fill up my day. But I do try to make time to work on the “Chosen 10”.

I had a similar request last week, except for defer dates rather than due dates. I dropped support an email to see if there was anyway to do it, and if not as a feature request. At the moment there is no way, but they said that I wasn’t the first person to ask for something like that, so it might be worth you also dropping an email to them as the more requests for the it, the more likely it is to make it in.

I’ve often thought it would be useful in a perspective to filter in/out a due/defer range. The use cases I imagine would include:

  • Show overdue items
  • Show the next n days/weeks/months for daily/weekly/monthly reviews
  • Show what’s deferred/due in a period when I’m out of the country so I can make alternate arrangements for just those tasks


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