Using Ifttt to send the body of an email to OmniFocus’ notes field?

I’m using a Ifttt receipe that any email i star goes to Omnifocus inbox. Has anyone used this and have you found a way for the body of the email to go to Notes? Mine isn’t getting there and not sure how to set that up. Thanks

When using the gmail channel I had the {{BodyPlain}} tag in the message body on IFTTT and the target would be an OF maildrop message. Generally the body would get to the inbox, but I think it might have had problems if it was a HTML mail.

I’ve had a lot more success using Dispatch for email on the phone though (if it is on the iPhone that you are trying to get mail into OF). In particular, it puts a link in OF back to the email, which is very convenient. If it matches your use case I think it’s worth checking out.

Gmail does not support HTML - you will need to use the other email option that looks like this. Also be aware that you will have to click the channels link at the top right of the page to set your email for sending and receiving-