Using Inbox in Omnifocus

Wondering how to adjust Inbox behavior so a new item is at the top of the list of actions.

I haven’t seen a preference setting for it. You can always select your top task in Inbox view and hit ⇧⌅ (Shift+Enter) to create a new task at the top.

Usually, my Mail Drop tasks will populate at the top, so perhaps there is a setting Omni could enable.

I’m sorry, but right now, all new Inbox tasks are created at the end of the Inbox – and the app doesn’t have a setting to change that. If this is important to your workflow, please send us an email!

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I have emailed. You would think this would be a basic feature or preference. It is counter-intuitive to be at the bottom the list, in my opinion. It really affects the view and hence productivity. Has the change or option been introduced yet?

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There’s been no change.

In many ways OmniFocus ‘thinks’ like GTD, so it’s expected that you will process your inbox all at once. Further, by placing new actions on top could encourage you to process only the newest actions, potentially leading to ignoring the items beneath it, which could be an unhealthy habit.

But, as mentioned before, email the OmniFocus team and let them know that it could, and how it could improve your workflow.


2019… I have just sent an email request asking for this to at least be an ‘option’ for those of us who want it. I for one would like to be able to choose whether my new inbox items appear at the top of the list or not.