Using It For Blogging


Thinking about getting into blogging and was wondering how Omni Outliner would fit it?

I use OmniOutliner now all my note taking and thought organizing, and was wondering if there is an easy path to get some of what I am writing on the web as a blog?


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Haven’t played with it at all, but the upcoming version (oo5) looks to export in a wide variety of formats:

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I’m currently trying to use Omnifocus for my list of things todo, and Day One to record things done.

Things I like about Day One: By default it opens a new entry as “today” You can change dates.
On the phone you can add pix to an entry. Pix + text is great.

It has the ability to upload blog entries in various formats.

So for your use, I can see merit in continuting to use OO for taking notes and rough drafts, then cut and paste into some form of blogging software.

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OK, Thanks

i’ve always wanted to do this
the manual workflow is:

  1. write outline in OO
  2. export to HTML
  3. manually copy HTML to static HTML web host using FTP, SCP, magic :-)

it seems to me the above could be easily (? ) automated using Applescript or some sort of script
and in fact i’m surprised nobody has!!! (or even just copy to Dropbox or S3 or to some sort of hosting provider that uses Dropbox or S3))


For me what is missing is the ability to export (or copy) OO in markdown. My workflow would be to write in OmniOutliner and then copy/paste into wordpress, discourse, or whatever to have it rendered. If you wanted to make a simple edit, it is easy in markdown.

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Hi steve!

i love markdown and use it a lot on github ( but i don’t think markdown supports collapsing and un-collapsing nodes like OO does.

i just want to export outlines from OO including the ability to collapse and un-collapse and put those outlines on a website to share with the world!

anyhow i’ll stop pontificating here and (finally!) write a script to export to my static hosting provider, (highly recommended!)



It is a good option, I was think about that too, want to check Omni is better or WordPress for blogging.

When I write blog posts they are rather long form. That is bunches of whole paragraphs, possibly with graphics in.

I might be wrong - and I’d love to be - but I can’t see OmniOutliner as a long-form writing tool. I can see getting the structure right, replacing each line with a paragraph. But I don’t actually write that way, the stuff just pouring out of my head.

That’ good and smart solution. Thanks