Using nested parent/child hierarchies in tags

Hi, i use nested parent/child hierarchies of tasks all the time and am also using tags alot now in OF3. The nested parent/child hierarchies of tasks work great in projects but doesnt seem possible in tags. Is there any way to make nested parent/child hierarchies of tasks that show up in tags? If not, will this be available soon? Would appreciate it sooo much!

Also, just realized that parent/child hierarchies of tasks don’t show up in my custom perspectives, this is very disorganizing to the way that i use omnifocus!

The custom perspectives that i’m trying to change are designed to show me all my most recently edited tasks or most recently added tasks (similar to the changed perspective). Pics below.

I tried editing one of these custom perspective to ‘group and sort’ by the entire project instead of individual actions. This allowed me to see parent/child hierarchies but messed up the order of the which tasks are actually most recent because it groups by entire project.

Can anyone please help me figure out how i can see parent/child hierarchies of tasks in all views? Is there any way that I can make a custom perspective that allows me to do this? Or any options in preferences or applescripts or anything that can do this?

Email the OF team and ask for this improvement. I have. It’s one of the few really frustrating aspects of the application. It makes parent/child relationships borderline useless for me.

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If you group and sort by projects your hierarchy will be shown. The point of the tag view is to break down your structure.

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I will, hope they fix this soon!

Yes but sorting by project disorganizes the order of the most recent tasks. Tag view could be much more powerful than that

Something like Group by Project / Sort by Added (or Changed) might get you close. Or the inverse, Group by Added (or Changed), Sort by Project. It’s hard to tell exactly what you’re looking for and if it actually makes sense. Showing a pre-set hierarchy of tasks and showing a listing of tasks sorted a certain way seem like two contradictory goals.


Thanks. I can see how they would be contradictory. For the recently added/edited tasks perspectives, I’ll do what you recommend.

Most of my tags don’t involve this kind of priority by date, so i still don’t understand why it always needs to break up my parent/child hierarchies for these. Is there any way to make it so that nested parent/child hierarchies of tasks show up in tags in general?

I think the basic problem is keeping the hierarchies intact can interfere with the ability to sort and filter. What happens if the parent task has a different tag than the child and you select the tag that the child has? Or if you want to sort it but the child task should be earlier in the list than the parent? Not that it can’t be done but the results could be confusing or inconsistent.

Another thing you can do is a perspective grouped by project, but add a filter rule to select a certain tag. If the reason you wanted to be in tags view is to select for certain tags, this could be another way of getting what you want. Interestingly, the parent/child hierarchy is always shown even if you remove the selected tag from the parent. I have a large work project with groups of tasks and sub-tasks, with everything tagged office. I tried removing the office tag from a parent task, and it still shows it in this perspective even without the tag. In tags view the parent would be omitted.

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