Using OF3 for Mac and OF2 for iOS together

Hello. I am considering an upgrade to OF3 for my Mac. I also use OF 2.22.3 on iOS devices and was not planning to upgrade that app. I read the support article titled “Using OmniFocus 3 for iOS with OmniFocus 2 for Mac” so I’m aware of the version differences. Given the interoperability that the article describes, I assume I could use OF3 on the Mac and OF2 on iOS too, but could anyone confirm this? Thanks!

Why not upgrade to Omnifocus 3 on iOS?

I have at some point been running all four versions of the app and not had any problems. Provided you understand the limitations of using a 2.x client, you shouldn’t have any trouble as far as I know.

That may not be the case forever, of course. There may be changes to the database schema that could break sync with 2.x clients at some point in the 3.x release cycle.