Using OmniFocus in other languages

We’ve received this question a few times, so I thought I’d share the answer publicly for anyone else out there who’d like to know…

OmniFocus (and indeed most of our apps!) should respect the primary language that is specified in the Mac’s System Preferences. To check that setting, choose Apple menu () ▸ System Preferences ▸ Language & Region and ensure that your desired language is listed as the primary language. (You may need to quit and relaunch OmniFocus to apply a recent change.)

Alternatively, to force OmniFocus 2 to use another language without changing your system-wide language setting, you can use any of the following URL links:

Simplified Chinese (Zhōngwén as written in mainland China): omnifocus:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=(zh-Hans)

Dutch (Nederlands): omnifocus:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=(nl)

English: omnifocus:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=(en)

French (Français): omnifocus:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=(fr)

German (Deutsch): omnifocus:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=(de)

Italian (Italiano): omnifocus:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=(it)

Japanese (日本語): omnifocus:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=(ja)

Spanish (Español): omnifocus:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=(es)

Russian (Pусский): omnifocus:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=(ru)

Korean (한국어): omnifocus:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=(ko)

Brazilian Portuguese (português do Brasil): omnifocus:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=(pt_BR)

Reset default to match system preference: omnifocus:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=

After using one of those ↑ links you may need to quit OmniFocus (by choosing OmniFocus ▸ Quit OmniFocus) and then reopen it in order for the changes to be applied.


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Thank you. Helped me.
For Omniplan I used: omniplan:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=(en)