Using Omnifocus with my Executive Assistant/PA


My PA keeps my calendar, organizes my tasks, etc. How do I set up OF so she and I can work on it via our separate laptops and iphones to add, remove, edit tasks and projects? Do I just buy one OF and both of us use it? Buy two IOS versions and both of us login with the same login?

Prior to buying OF I need to know that we can both see and edit all.

I’ve searched and searched…


I’d recommend contacting to clarify how best to approach the situation, particularly on iOS.

If I had to guess, based on this licensing page, you’d need two copies of OmniFocus for macOS. For iOS, you’d probably need two, unless you and the PA use the same Apple ID.

But again, this is only speculation.

Thanks, I asked the email address you sent me and asked them to answer here. I’m not looking to save money or not buy licenses, I just want it to work seamlessly and not have to fool with it once it’s set up.

Ah, yes, I meant to mention the technical aspects of it. It should work fine as long as you’re both signed into the same OmniSync (or whatever sync solution you use) account. I imagine it’s really no different to most of us who have several devices that sync with one account.

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You can create a free OmniFocus sync account and have all devices sync to the same Omnifocus account.

Your EA can enter into the same OmniFocus database and it should sync over to your other OmniFocus device.

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Any luck? I am trying to set up the exact same thing. Have omnifocus on my mac and iPhone. And have my PA do the same on her mac and iPhone so she can edit, update and add to my projects, and schedule.

I haven’t tried it yet. I’m too busy to get organized :)

Seriously, it sounds like it would work so when I have some free time I am going to try it.