Using OmniOutliner with a reference manager?

Writing in OmniOutliner on my iPad today as been a revelation. I think it might be the ultimate in distraction-reduced writing. I would like to write my whole proposal document in OO, then export to something not-Word for finishing touches.
Has anyone used a reference manager (Bookends (preferred), BibDesk, etc.) with OO?
What does that workflow look like?
Is it possible on an iPad only?

I also have Texpad, Typora, Marked 2, ad nauseam, if those would be helpful.


It’s possible to use the OO and the Bookends on an iPad, but you have to do all the work manually. The »scan document» doesn’t work within the iOS environment. But if you copy the citations from the Bookends from within the iOS version of Bookends, and later scan the document on a Mac, it will work. But you have to export the document from OO on your Mac either as RTF or Word format. After that, you can scan your exported document with the help of Bookends on the Mac.

I have managed to scan the OO document on my Mac, but the citations will not be converted to formatted citations, but the bibliography will be created within the OO document. The citations within the document will, however, look like {Mill, 1984, #16889} instead of Mill, John Stuart, Om friheten , Stockholm, 1984.

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Thanks. I’m back to my tried and true Texpad now.
OO definitely helped get me started on my paper, especially the less distracting iPad version.
I need to figure out when to switch over from outlining to writing.