Using Scripts in OF2

HI There - I am really liking OF 2, Thanks! I use Curt’s Complete and Await Reply Script a lot in OF 1. I see where it is in my scripts folder, how do I get OF 2 to see it, and more importantly, use it?


I also find the way to use Appel Script.

To place scripts on your OmniFocus 2 toolbar, make sure those scripts are located in Library/Application Scripts/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2. (Sandboxing rules prevent OmniFocus 2 from running scripts which are located elsewhere.)

P.S. — In r206599, you can get to this folder by choosing Open Scripts Folder from the Help menu.

Oh, Gawd, Ken. I wuve you! Thanks for this sensible solution to a near-universal need of those using the product. This simple feature saves me oodles of needless clicks.

Now, to get more creative with my scripts. . .

I couldn’t added AppleScript to OF2 toolbar.

Look for “Open Scripts Folder” inside the Help menu rather than inside Apple’s Scripts menu (which we have no control over, and which—unfortunately—points at a spot which we can’t access from our sandbox).

Here’s a screenshot of the right menu item to use:

I’m muddled, Thx…

So there is no way to see/run scripts without first putting them in the toolbar?

You can still run them via Fastscripts, Launchbar, or from Applescript Editor itself. What Ken shows is the way to make those scripts available as icons in your OF2 toolbar.

OF1 could access the User>Library>Scripts>Applications>OmniFocus folder for toolbar scripts (with icons), but sandboxing in the latest OS X prevents that.

Thankfully, the link in the OF2 help menu keeps everything easy!

There are several script folders possible.

You can always show the scripts folder in the menubar (same place as notifications & clock, etc) - place them there.
Or add an alias to the script in a subfolder there. Seems to me those still work even in sandboxed applications, though a manual process to get them there.

I have Curt Clifton’s “Populate Template Placeholders” there. It tries to run, but I have no fields which correspond to the ones its looking for & I don’t feel like creating any - so I haven’t run them to successful completion. The script accesses OF2 & tries to run.

OF2 has to be running for the script to work, of course.

LaunchBar 6 is out with more scripting abilities. Beyond my abilities, but it would be nice if there was a script that could take anything passed to it and create an OF task, complete with Project and Context if given. Then anything I can copy can become a task with a few keystrokes.
LB6 script info