Using Sections List to navigate to a section without narrowing focus?

Is there a way to use the Sections List sidebar to navigate to section without narrowing focus? I frequently want to navigate to a subsection of my document, but rarely want to narrow the focus. (I’d be willing to give up narrowing focus completely, e.g., if there were a setting to enable navigation like this.)

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Note that the behavior of the Unfocus button after you use the Sections List seems to be a bug: it moves you to the bottom of top level of the outline, rather than staying at the current position.

Agreed, the current behavior isn’t optimal at all. “unfocus” should keep you at the current row in the editing window, not bounce you to the top. Currently, to go to the middle, you have to have unfocus and scroll scroll scroll.

Or, you have to know some exact text you want to jump to, and “search” for it in an “unfocused” state. If you’re focused, I think i -ought- to say where else in the document your search-term is found, not just return nothing and balk with a system error beep, like a mule.

Any workaround? Any response from Omni?


+1 on this request!

I’m not sure how many people have complain about the way that search works in OmniOutliner before they’ll do something about it?