Using Siri with Apple Watch to add tasks to Omnifocus

I’m sure this used to work differently but now when I try to add a task to Omnifocus using Siri on the watch it says “You will need to open Omnifocus to complete this request”. When I press the button to open Omnifocus on the watch it adds it the task to my list but it would be nice to not have to have the extra step that calls on me to touch the watchface.

This happens to me as well. Must be a bug?

Same experience here; reverting to ‘import reminders’ as a stop gap.


This is a limitation that we are aware of, and we have a bug report on file. Sorry for the inconvenience this causes! Hopefully we can find solution so this extra step isn’t necessary in a future update.

I’m having the same problem too. Has there been any resolution to this?


Any update to this?

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