Using Tags - do I reconfigure?

Hi All,

I’ve just upgraded to OF3 and am trying to understand Tags.

My OF2 Contexts included a top-level context named Agenda and beneath that, a list of sub-contexts such as Finance Committee, Building Committee, IT Committee, etc.

When I look at tasks in OF3, I see the sub-context as a Tag but not the top level. Is that how it’s meant to be? I assumed the tasks would show both the top level and sub-level contexts as tags.

Do I actually need the top level context any more? Should I reconfigure how I work? Note that I am also using OF2 on Mac.

So I thought I would change one task that had Context Agenda->Finance Committee. What I did was to add ‘Agenda’ as a tag in OF3 because in OF3 the only tag visible was Finance Committee. I also moved the Agenda tag so that it appeared first.

After OF3 synced, OF2 on the Mac displayed this task under Agenda but not under Agenda->Finance Committee. A minute later OF3 had two of the same task. I then tried moving the tags again in OF3 so that Agenda was second. After the next sync, this caused the task to disappear on both OF3 and OF2 Mac. It’s gone - I can’t find it via search.

This is a bit concerning!

The ‘top level’ parent tag doesn’t take on its children so you’d need to add the ‘agendas’ tag if you want to see it there.

You could consider flattening your structure, particularly if you might use ‘finance committee’ with items that aren’t ‘agenda’ actions. (You might want to wait until you have 3 on your Mac first, though if it’ll cause trouble with contexts.)

As for the lost action issue, does the action show up in your changed perspective? Have you tried rebuilding the database?

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Thanks. To recover the task, I got onto my iPad which hadn’t been synced in 24 hours and put it into Airplane mode then fired up OF3. I then got the contents of the task into a notepad for safety and then re-enabled WiFi to let it sync.

I am going to try flattening my old context list. Agenda was my only parent context with multiple sub-contexts. On OF2 Mac, I dragged each of the sub contexts to the top level and allowed it to sync to the iPhone and iPad. This was successful. I will see how this works for me.

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I suspect that I will also be flattening my context hierarchy as I convert to tags. I currently have a “Waiting on” context, with the names of people as my child contexts. For tags, I expect to have a “Waiting on” tag (and a “Waiting for” tag - Thanks, @rosemaryjayne!) and a people tag with the people names as children. This way, I can make a perspective that gives me all the available “waiting on” tasks, a perspective that gives me all of the tasks that depend on Joe in some way (e.g., agenda), or a perspective that gives me all of the tasks for which I am waiting on Joe.

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