Using the sidebar to quickly assign actions from the inbox

I’ve just upgraded to OF 2 for mac, after using OF 1 for at least a couple of years. In OF 1 I could take actions from my inbox and easily drag them to wherever I wanted in my folder tree of projects because the sidebar was expandable. But in OF 2, as far as I can tell, I have to drag the item on to the Projects tab and then it adds it into the project list at the very bottom. Then I have to open the projects list (by clicking the projects tab), get myself to the bottom to find the newly added item, and then put it wherever I want it in my project hierarchy. Of course I can also do that from within the inbox by directly assigning it to a project (and perhaps that’s what the designers of OF 2 intended) but this is often inconvenient because I might not remember the name of the project I want to put the action in. I keep thinking there must be someway to see the entire folder tree of projects in the sidebar, as there was before, but I haven’t found it yet. Any suggestions? Please don’t tell me that this is an intentional change or “improvement” because so far I’ve been a bit stumped trying to figure out what is new and better about OF 2 (admittedly I’m still finding my way with it, but so far it mainly seems to be cosmetic changes), so if this is really a “feature” of OF 2 I will be very sad (and mystified).

Many thanks for any suggestions.

Abraham Z.

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