V6 Any way to hide the Contents pane?

I’ve copied the title from a Sep 2013 post in the old forums. Here’s the content:

V6 seems to have pinned the contents panel into the sidebar permanently - previously something that was toggled via a separate icon. I almost never use the contents panel, and find it tiresome to keep having to drag it to the bottom of the sidebar every time I open a doc so it doesn’t get in the way of my canvas views. Is there any way I can turn it off until needed?

Ken @ Omni replied that it seemed like a good idea to at least have the location of the contents pane border maintained from window to window, so we could move it out of the way permanently:


This hasn’t yet happened. Any progress on this? Or is there now a better way to keep that pane from wasting space for those of us who seldom use it?