Variable days per week (Field versus Office)

I’m getting used to setting up my projects in OmniPlan. My work involves both field and office components with the fieldwork usually being 7 days per week and the office being the normal 5. Curious what other users have found works well in OmniPlan for representing this.

I though about creating two resources for each person to cover field and office, but that seems to mess up with tracking scheduled time off for these split persons. Making all the weekends in the field look like extra time looks a little kludgy. Any other ideas?

Perhaps running two projects, one field and the other office, would be more elegant and then move people resources between the projects as they come and go from the field?


@jharrop The best solution I can come up with is one it sounds like you’ve already considered - setting the weekends in the field up as extra time in your project (or the inverse, setting the field time schedule up as the “normal work week” and using off time to create the office-only schedule).

Alternatively, if you would like to give setting up two separate projects a try, you could use OmniPlan’s resource load sharing to level resources between two projects: