Verify encryption password

Version 2.12.1 release notes state.

Encryption: If you used OmniFocus 2.12 for Mac or OmniFocus 2.22 or 2.22.1 for iOS to migrate your database to the latest format and previously set a distinct encryption passphrase, please verify that your distinct passphrase is still in place. A bug (now fixed) may have re-linked your encryption passphrase to your sync password.

How would that be verified? OF > Preferences > Sync > Details > Encryption has change password and connect password. Both do not seem to be what I am looking for to verify my encryption password, right? Once encryption is enabled, is it enabled on all devices (macOS and iOS)? Maybe I am overcomplicating this matter, but I found the hint in the release notes quite alarming and without proper steps, it feels a bit odd, just ignoring a potentially wrong encryption password.

If you still have a distinct passphrase in Prefs, and you’re able to sync without problem, you’re ok. The problem was that OmniFocus would link the passphrases and throw your distinct passphrase away, which would be reflected in Settings/Prefs.

So encryption says “Passwords do differ”. I gather I am using a password for syncing and a password for encryption? Or which passwords are we talking about?

So all devices are using the same password for encrypting the database and another password for syncing?

I think this is solved. But I indeed did not have two separate entries in my password manager and got some chaos during the database update when I was asked about the password.

So I now have two entries in my password manager: one for encryption and one for syncing and all should be good.