Very Slow response using 'the clipboard'

(Omnifocus 2 (203), Yoesemite, MacBook Pro)

Has anyone experienced very, very slow script response when using ‘the clipboard’ as in:

insert (the clipboard) & return at after paragraphs
set theNote to theNotesURL & return & (the clipboard)

I’m trying to create tasks and populate the Notes field with the body of an email copied into clipboard. I then invoke "osascript << applescript.....EOT " and everything works excellently and rather quickly as long as I don’t use ‘the clipboard’. As soon as I add ‘the clipboard’ to any statement, eg. the previously noted, the script takes a minute or two to return.

Using system events and keystroke is also very quick (but the ctrl-v creates a separate task for every line of the email, working on that one).

So, would love to use ‘the clipboard’ as it is ideal for clean, straightforward, flexible script, and, once it returns, provides the content in the note accurately, with good formatting, which is well worth using it, but waiting a couple of minutes on each task creation is not an option.

Any thoughts?