View including blocked, but not deferred tasks?

I’m using my flagged items as things I would prefer to get done today. Usually, I’ll quickly go over it and defer the items that I know I won’t have time for to a later date, resulting in just the things that I’d prefer to get done today. This alone works fine, but the problem comes in from flagged sequential projects. There are flagged tasks that will show up on my list after I finish other ones, and this throws off the planning of how much I’ll actually be able to get done. Of course, I don’t want these blocked tasks there when I’m actually working, just during quick morning setup. But turning on viewing all remaining items gives the plethora of deferred tasks too. Is there anyway to view blocked, but not deferred tasks? Or some other good workaround? The current work around is just going to each available sequential list and taking it’s next tasks into account, but this is a bit of work that seems to be avoidable. Thanks!

That’s an interesting conundrum!

The best I can think of is a perspective that looks at tasks grouped by defer date, sorted by project, and that includes all remaining. For clarity, you could also filter for only unflagged, and would want to only include active contexts.

In this way, you’d still see both blocked and deferred (I don’t think I can imagine a way to work around that), but the grouping would allow you to look at everything with no defer date.

I have a perspective like this that I call Radar - it’s mostly intended to look at things coming available from deferral, but might be repurposed here? The big downside is that this would also shows tasks from on hold projects, too.

The other possible workaround is to put sequential projects in a folder of their own and use Focus to zero in on the review of those things.

Both of these are suboptimal for sure, but maybe starting points for something better.


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