Viewing actions with no defer date

Is it possible to view only actions with no defer date? I’ve added many actions before realising the significance of defer dates. I need to go back and update them.

If you filter to actions that are available, you would see anything that is either not deferred or which has a defer date that has passed. If you further group those by defer date, you can scroll down to all actions with no defer date.

I have a constant perspective like this called Radar to look ahead at a scrolling list of upcoming things I’ve deferred :)

Cheers, hope that helps!


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If you have OmniFocus Pro, you can create a custom perspective, not using project hierarchy (context based), with actions grouped by defer date.

Whilst this will show all actions, those at the top will be ones without a defer date.

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Thanks Scotty, I’m trying your radar idea.

One thing I notice is that the “available” list with the missing defer dates comes at right at the bottom. Is there a way to sort this so they appear at the top?

Thanks for your help, Malcolm

Hi, thank you for this idea.

I have given it a go. Seems to work, but the ones without a defer date are at the bottom, not the top. Do you know a way to get them to the top?

Many thanks, Malcolm

Ah, that’s right, I forgot about that.

Disappointing, but as far as I know, there’s no way to get them to the top.

If that’s important to you, I’d recommend filing a feature request for the ability to sort the groupings.

I hope you can find a solution that works for you.

I’m afraid not, but as a workaround you can collapse all grouped dates but “Available Now”, then click on the View icon and see the perspective. Hope it helps ;-)

Yes, as @ediventurin and @nostodnayr said, the sorting isn’t mofidifiable. Collapsing all groups from the View menu helps, and I have, in the past, submitted a request for reverse sort order, so emailing Omni to add a vote to that would be awesome :)



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Please also send your feature request to so that they know that other users also want to have more individual perspectives.