Waiting context issues


I’m trying to make use of the waiting context but am having difficulty getting it to work for me.

I want to put an individual action of a project into the waiting context. However, it appears that the waiting context appears to filter to view only “on hold” statuses.

However, I can’t seem to give an individual action an “on hold” status and therefore it doesn’t immediately appear in the waiting context. Strangely, if i go into the waiting context and change the status of the context to active the action will then appear. the action will then stay there even if i change the status of the context back to “on hold”. Which i guess is a kind of work around, but i don’t want to have to change the status of the context every time…

So is there a good way of simply putting a individual action into the waiting context?


You probably just have to change your view to show “remaining” rather than “available” tasks when you’re looking at the waiting context. Actions that are assigned to a context which is on hold will not appear in a list of available tasks.

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thanks for the reply.
is there anyway to also put an individual action on hold?

Yes, you can assign it to a context which is on hold, either waiting, or you can create a separate “on hold” context, or whatever else you want.