Waiting context onhold

I was wondering why the waiting context is marked as on-hold by default as I can’t see any items I’m waiting for. Should I mark it as active?


I think the idea of the Waiting context is that actions there are waiting for someone else to act, such as someone else to confirm a date, or to provide some information, or perform a task. since the actions in Waiting are contingent on someone else acting, it shouldn’t be available to you, since you can’t act on it. That’s why it defaults to “on hold”. Why have actions you can’t act on cluttering up your perspectives?

If you really need to see those tasks just use the “View” button to show “remaining” or “all”, which will show On Hold tasks.

I, for example, tend to have a lot of emails that I’ve sent and am waiting for a response on. They are deferred or in the Waiting context, and thus not visible, because there’s nothing I can do until that person gets back to me (except prompt them for a response if I haven’t heard for a while, hence the defer/due date).

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