Waiting context?

Hi there,

I am a relatively new user to OmniFocus although have been following the GTD method for a number of years using other apps.

My question is straightforward (I think). I have created a context named ‘Waiting’ to store tasks where I am waiting on a response. Should I set this context’s status to ‘On hold’?


I would put it on hold. This will prevent the task from showing up in perspectives that will show currently available active tasks.

Then I would create a perspective called “Waiting For” and have it show only tasks that are “waiting for”. This gives you an overview of all “on hold” tasks for you to follow up on.

If my “Waiting for” context is on hold, it won’t clutter up my “active tasks to work on”.

Whenever I pause during the day, I can look over my “Waiting For” tasks in the “Waiting for” perspective to see if I have to follow up with somebody.


I second the system recommended by @wilsonng. I use nested contexts which are all on hold:


Waiting…: Email
Waiting…: DEVONthink Pro Office
Waiting…: House
Waiting…: School

If you need help building the perspective, here are my settings.


Thanks @wilsonng and @TheWart. I appreciate your help.