Want to be finding Context

I’m so tired.
I’m still straying in the multi tag labyrinth.

I’ve not found a treasure.

I’m looking for an ancient sacred sword named OF2 Context of GTD…
It was handy, light, quick and made me have confidence to organize.

Please great smith, reforge fragments of tag into the sword, please…

Actually, I just want to change a tag (not add) by drag & drop like OF2.
Though I think multi tag is useful too.

I would be so happy if the smith would restore context feature (not delete multi tag feature) or add ability to turn tags exclusively in OF3.

That will hardly happen, as it would confuse many users, give support extra work and have the developers maintain an old feature that has been replaced. You’d better get used to the new situation and find your way to deal with it. To me, the solution suggested in another thread with pressing command after starting dragging a task to another tag was elegant. I wasn’t aware of that possibility, and it sounded like a solution for you. But if I understood your answer correctly, you weren’t satisfied with it deleting all tags, as if you would like to have multiple tags after all. If you used contexts for prioritizing, you may also try my suggestion with less use of contexts/tags, and more use of ordering tasks by dragging, which is now possible in perspectives (if you have the Pro version).

Indeed, pressing the Command key before dropping onto the new tag works like a charm in OF3 for Mac! All previous tags are removed from the action. It works with a selection of multiple actions too.

Thank you for your reply, Jan_H and MultiDim.
Yes, I think too that cmd + dragging is a workaround so far.

I decided that I would be patient with current OF3, I understand about OG, I’ll never create new topic.

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