Wanted: Notes app from Omni!

I still use Apples Notes app to create and organise notes, websites, ideas, … on all my devices.
But for some days a correct sync is not possible anymore.
And again I wonder how to organise notes better and more more reliable.
I used for a long time Evernote but I did not like it anymore (for several reasons). When Apple released the new Notes app I switched to it.
More or less its the best solution but as I can’t sync anymore - it got useless.
My dream: A solution from Omnigroup.
Hmmm, any ideas? What app do you use? I also tried OmniOutliner but its not what I would like to use for organising notes.

I’ve had all kinds of Notes systems and my system lately is OmniFocus for tasks, and DEVONthink for everything else. With the newer version of DEVONthink To Go this makes everything easily accessible on your phone. The txt/markdown editor isn’t anything great but at least everything is organized and I can find it. If I want to make more advanced edits I’ll use the desktop version to externally launch the file into Atom where I’ve got Markdown plugins running.

If DEVONthink is overkill for you (you would only use it for notes) I would suggest using a Dropbox directory and 1Writer on iOS, and Atom or nvAlt on the desktop.


A notes app from Omni would be nice.

I have been using Notebooks App for more than a few years and it’s great. There are versions for Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad.

Syncing can be done via DropBox or a Webdav server. I use DropBox and it works perfectly. And syncing is therefore free (no subscription required).

Notebooks supports lots of file types so it’s quite versatile, and you can set up any kind of folder structure you like.

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Can Notebooks import Evernote and does it have a web clipper?