Watch Complication - is it me or is it, a bit rubbish?

I’ll be a bit more helpful when I have a bit more energy but really - it’s a bit useless isn’t it?

You can either have a GIANT number that’s pretty useless on it’s own, or you can have a big text field that fills half the screen but doesn’t have the room to be really useful.

Why isn’t there a handy small complication that shows inbox, flagged, due and available in a 2x2 grid? there’s certainly the room for it even in the small square option.

The largest complication could have those same 4 counts as well as a scrolling animated text showing all of the next action at the top of the list.

How about all of you? What would you like to see? What’s good? What’s not?

(also keeping a perspective in focus on the watch app? needlessly complicated. And don;t even get me started on the bugs installing the thing)

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I’m actually very happy with it s it is. I’m not looking to use the watch to do very much with OF - just check upcoming tasks (for which the Forecast is fine) and mark them as complete if I actually do them.

Anything else, I’m going to use the iPhone or desktop version

I don’t think I’d benefit much from a better complication - I don’t use OF in that way

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