Web Page Archive Idea

Hey devs,

I know this is completely off the cuff, and it probably won’t happen anytime soon - if it ever does - but I was just thinking how it would be really practical to have a “save web page” as part of a task thing. For of what Pocket or Readability does. IE: I send a web page to OF as a task and have a checkbox at the bottom of the task input pane to archive the page, so it’s saved entirely in the notes area as a PDF or archive with clickable links etc…and can pull up the original link if needed.

I know there’s a billion other things out there which do that (Devonthink Pro, which I happen to own since years but no longer use), but it would be so nice if that feature could one day be integrated into OF.

I know it’s a long shot in asking, and it certainly isn’t mission critical on any level, but I just felt the need to share the idea.

Thanks for listening/reading. :)