Webfocus.io - safe?

I am desperate to get to OF3 on my Windows machine. Since OF Web is not released yet, considering using an alternative - webfocus.io

Has anybody used that service before? It is safe enough to provide my OF credentials?

It’s made by @hodak, who seems a nice enough guy. He announced it in this thread and there’s some feedback and praise there, too.

Regardless, it’s not sanctioned by The Omni Group, so if you do use it, it’s at your own risk.

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A little bit longer and we’ll have the secure solution from omni…
I would really suggest waiting that little bit longer.

YES! Any ballpark ideas of the “little bit” part? By August?

All Omni have confirmed on the web version is “this year” :)

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I tried it for the same reason, but after a few weeks i notice that it would not update in a reasonable time ( it would take hours), or it would be stuck trying to sync, i contacted support but didn’t get a response till days later, even then it would have trouble, eventually i gave up… your miles may differ.