Weekly repeating tasks in a project are not repeating

I teach online and have regular weekly tasks for both preparing the next week’s class and finalizing my review of the past week’s student work (these are set up as two different projects). I Have Omnifocus 3 and have set up a “repeat” function for each project. However, it simply does not work. I expected that (1) a fresh set of tasks would appear with the new weekly due date, and (2) the circles would all be unchecked. However, the project retains its original due date and all circles remain checked. I have to manually uncheck all the circles and then recheck them as I do them each week. This can’t possibly be how repeat is set up to work as the function literally does nothing. I am attaching a screenshot; you can see that it is set for weekly, but the original due date remain, plus all items are labeled as overdue (they are not; they were all completed). How do I get the repeat function to work properly?

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I think you might be forgetting to check off the project in this example. There is no status circle for projects, so you have to complete it by right click - complete, or via the inspector panel. To make this easier you can check the complete last action box and it will automatically complete the project and you fresh occurrence should appear as and when you set the repeat cycle for. Hope that helps?

It is not entirely clear how you have set this up from your screen shot, but I’m guessing that what you need to do is this. In the project inspector section called “project” there should be a check box entitled “Complete with last action.” If you select that option, then after you’ve checked off the last remaining action in your project, the project will be marked completed and will respawn.

The alternative is to do what @revstu suggested and manually check-of the project as completed. Once you do that, it will respawn with a fresh batch of actions.

The other thing that is sometimes the culprit, but does not look like an issue for you here, is when the individual tasks have their own repeats. If you repeat the tasks in the project, there will never be a completed last action. The repeating tasks will respawn but the project will not.

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I did not read your answer in full, but not realize that all I did was repeat what you wrote! Well, I hope you take it as a compliment and appreciate the extra reinforcement. :)

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Yes, that was it! Thanks to both of you. I did not understand the function of the “complete with last action” box so I hadn’t checked it.

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That’s what I love about these pages. The number of times I have had a problem sorted just by reading here, or an idea for better productivity is beyond counting!
I’m finding a lot of help on the forum for better use of the new perspective rules, which can be daunting at first, but incredibly useful.


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