Weird Behavior with Text Expander

So I woke up this morning and thought “HEY! I know of a GREAT way to add tags to my tasks. I’ll use Text Expander to press Tab, move the cursor over to the far left, then type “/X” where X is my tag name (MIT in this case), and then have it press return!”

So I created such a snippet. Then I highlighted a task and issued my command (;mi) (for Most Important) to text expander - eagerly awaiting the magic.

Instead of magic - chaos! When I typed in the shortcut, Omnifocus deleted a bunch of tasks, created two new tasks, then entered the command text into the second task.

What the heck?

Any thoughts? If I create a task to expand once I’m already in the text field, it’s fine. But I’m trying to avoid that - because then I need to press tab, then curse over left to de-select my text, then type my command, which involves three button presses. That adds up to 2 more button presses than my above idea AND the keys are all over the keyboard, whereas my command can by typed very very fast.

I suspect it has something to do with not being in a text field - but the behavior is still very strange.

You might find it easier to do this kind of thing with Keyboard Maestro, which is a dedicated macro app. BTW, you can also set it up to do text expanding.