What am I missing?

Hi OF devotees, I sure hope you can help me.

I was an original OmniOutliner Pro —> OF1 user and left it at some point in the last 10 years. I’ve been a successful bullet journalist for the past three and have been happy with that system. I’ve got some significant projects ahead in my PhD work, though, and the Bujo is failing at managing the complexity of my tasks/vision.

I’ve purchased OF2 for my Mac and OF3 on iOS and am re-familiarizing myself with the methods of GTD and capturing everything on my mind, making sure there are next actions, and am trying to process into projects and contexts.

My problem is this — has the software become entirely unusable in the 10 years since I began to use it? I remember it being quite slick to use and have long associated OG with user-friendly design. But the clunkiness of processing my inbox (no easy way to get a project view in OF2 and half the time my swipe in iOS is read as an attempt to delete) may be a dealbreaker.

Maybe I’m just wanting to complain (apologies), but I’m also hoping others have pushed their way through these UX issues, particularly in the world of keyboard shortcuts, which I’m highly reliant on in other processing activities.

What am I missing? Are you just frustrated with the software, too? Or do you value the slowness/clunkiness? Is there a tutorial I need to watch that makes this process more elegant?

Any help or commiseration welcome,

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I felt that they hit a rather rocky patch at the start of mac OF2, but the new iOS OF3 suggests much more successful hiring and management of design capacity now – so I look forward to experimenting with the macOS OF3 when it’s done, especially if and when it includes an omniJS scripting API.


For some time now it has been possible to enable an “inbox” option in projects view therefore enabling the workflow you require? (Settings-Organisation-Inbox). Does this help?